"   You attract the energy that you give off. Spread good vibes. Think positively. Enjoy life.   "
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"   Sexism is when people laugh at rape jokes and cringe at female anatomy.   "
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"   Someone calling a white person ‘wonder bread’ isn’t racist. It’s rude, but it’s not racist. Wonder bread as an offensive term has no weight, no meaning. It’s just something to push your buttons. Using the N-word is racist - it has meaning and weight and brings up a past that should’ve never happened. The comparison between rude and racist is like squares and rectangles - every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. Every racist comment you hear is rude, but not every rude comment you hear is racist.   "
-from an in-class debate about white supremacy (via seehowtame)

well there’s my ugly sobbing for the day
"   Laugh at the men who tell you you’re pretty. You are more than that.   "
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why his hands so deep in his pockets ?

so many keyboards but im not your type
me: I can really picture us building a relationship together! He's really sweet, caring and so good looking.
me: *cums*
me: who?????
"   I’m not vain. I’m just recovering from years and years of low self-esteem.   "
-Why I’m taking so many selfies. (via missmirandaaraee)